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Honoring Warriors.
Healing Humans.

Invisible Wounds is more than a foundation—it's an urgent movement to start confronting the silent battles our warriors face before they become fatal.

Sometimes, the most harmful or painful wound is the one we can’t see.

The Invisible Wounds Foundation exists to help define and demystify the unseen scars of war.


If these silent battles can touch our bravest SEALs, they can touch anyone. That’s why our heartfelt mission is to courageously advocate for innovative and science-based solutions that advance brain healthcare by transforming how we detect, heal and prevent combat-related invisible wounds and suicide among warriors and veterans.

Together, as a united community, we believe in taking the steps needed now to bring sight to the fight against these invisible wounds and in turn, make a profound difference for our military communities.


These are humans.
And their wounds are real.

Even when combined with other Special Operation Forces including the Green Berets and Rangers, Navy SEALs represent less than 0.5% of active-duty military members. But while they’re among the most elite warriors, they’re also the most vulnerable to the tragedies of TBI.

For these elite forces, the threat of TBI looms heavily, often during training—well before they ever set foot on the battlefield.

The below are not just statistics; these are the stories of our bravest warriors facing burdens that no one should ever have to bear. Let's not just acknowledge their struggles; let's stand with them right now in the face of their invisible battles.


Experiencing one TBI nearly doubles the chance of sustaining another TBI


Only half of GWOT Veterans who need treatment for depression or PTSD seek it


Suicide is the second leading cause of death in Veterans under age 45


Post-9/11 deployed individuals report experiencing at least one TBI while serving

Real action
to combat
real wounds

These are the steps we are taking every day to make a difference.

Our warriors endure so much to shield our nation, and we must shield them when they return home. But we know that’s not a weight we can carry alone. It takes a shared commitment to heal these wounds that affect us all.

That’s why we strive to forge powerful alliances across various branches of the armed services and the medical community. It’s only through research, education, and transformative conversation that we can bring about impactful change in the understanding of TBI and its intricate ties to suicide.


Our fight continues until the battle is won.

Warriors and loved ones lost, yet we refuse to be defeated.

The Invisible Wounds Foundation is the ignition of a national movement that, through research and education, will create a ripple effect impacting legislation, military training, medical research, and most importantly, the ability to save lives.

Our movement takes its roots in the military, but our vision is for its momentum to bloom into a new standard for the entire brain and mental health community as a whole.

Change must start now. Together.

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