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Honoring Warriors.
Healing Humans.

At the Invisible Wounds Foundation, we are bringing sight to the fight against traumatic brain injury (TBI), one of the most pervasive and deadly enemies our warriors face.


More than a foundation, we are a movement. We are here to take action and raise awareness for the advancement of brain health care for warriors, veterans, and their families, by addressing traumatic brain injury (TBI) and suicide prevention.


Since 9/11, the number of U.S. Service Members who have died by suicide is 4 times higher than those who have died in combat.


When we gather together as a community to focus on the science and learn about the reality of what TBI can do to its victims, our findings can empower our warriors, their loved ones and policy makers to eliminate stigma and create a positive culture that brings sight to these invisible wounds.

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Community.  Science.  Family.


Help Comes in Many Forms.

Attend events, volunteer your time, donate money or simply spread the word about Invisible Wounds. No matter how you contribute, every bit of effort counts to gain the momentum we need to push this movement forward. Let’s take action together.

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